Dale’s by no means the star of the show at the upcoming Parents Arts Night at Jalopy in Brooklyn. But he might be a reason to go. I know I love it, because it’s a chance to perform alongside some talented parents while also raising a little scratch for the fine educational programs at PS29. The school has been terrific and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t super excited to do this show. Just seeing the hidden talents of the other parents is gift enough. It would be great to see you as well. Some of you may know that I do voice overs, and recently I walked in for a paired audition and who was there? Another parent! We have the same agent. Which I guess is not so weird, but it felt pretty weird. And our paired audition in a tiny tiny recording box was also pretty effing weird. But, there it is, people have talents. So why not come out, enjoy some music, comedy, and whatever else people have going on when not chasing kids around the playground, or sitting quietly in the hall during parent teacher conferences. Here’s the info: https://ps29pta.kindful.com/?campaign=262547

(You can also just make a donation if you prefer to do that. I won’t tell or post about it ever.)

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