Just did a guest spot over on Dale Radio and then I heard Dale was giving me a hard time about keeping this website updated, so here is some very up to date info about two upcoming shows happening in November.

First up, I’m pleased to be doing The Jenny Rubin Show at the HiFi Bar in NYC on Thursday, November 12 with Tom Cowell, Margaret Dodge, Rebecca Vigil, Jason Burke and the wonderful host, Jenny Rubin. You may recall that I was scheduled to do one of these back in January, but something happened there with the venue and we didn’t end up actually doing a show. So will I bring out the story about Christmas originally intended for that or do I tell a new one? Who knows. Depends on how long these web updates take! But it would be wonderful to see you at the show. If you can’t make that date, boy are you in luck!! I’m going to be sharing another story on the Bitchcraft show hosted by the incomparable Selena Coppock and Lauren Maul and the world famous Duplex on Tuesday, November 24th. There’s a piano and puppets and good drinks and a weird bathroom – this place has it all!

Also – speaking of having it all, Dale’s been busy producing a new series of web videos called Opening Bags. It’s produced in collaboration with the fantastic comedy platform SanFrangeles. Which you can visit at http://www.sanfrangeles.co/. The show is a take on the popular form of Haul Videos, mostly created by young women online who enjoy showing you what they just bought at the store. But like, just bought, then set up some lights, did makeup and hair, wrote a script, learned basic editing techniques, etc. Here’s an example. The point is, it’s a genre of web video wherein people basically open their shopping bags and tell you what kind of sweater is hot right now. I find most sweaters a little too hot right now, which is why I’m wearing a vest.

The point is, you won’t want to miss an episode of Dale’s new show, so set a tickler for Opening Bags, with new bags opening every Tuesday. It’s like an advent calendar for depressive alcoholics. Watch it on SanFrangeles or on Dale’s YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/daleradio.

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