Oh, friends! Here we are back from the wild days of marches and rain and comedy that was our recent trip to San Francisco. We went out there to the City by the Bay, for Dale’s fourth electrifying appearance at SF Sketchfest. I always enjoy going out to the Festival and it was fantastic that so many folks made it out to our show, even though it happened at exactly the same time as the giant protest happening downtown and around the world. We had a really fun evening in the Deep Night, welcoming guests Jenny Zigrino (pictured with Dale above), Allie Goertz, and Phil Ross. Phil showed off some of his future fungus that is going to be what everyone is wearing, building houses out of, and generally clamoring for as time goes on. If you want to hear the audio from that night – crazy mic pops and all – you can do that here on the Deep Night site: http://www.daleradio.com/2017/01/26/dn9-sfsketchfest/.

San Francisco looked good, if damp. And I got to run into a lot of fun people and comedy heroes in the elevator. That’s the main reason I go anymore. Just to see Ron Funches in the hotel lobby is enough to make my day. Look for some more live shows back in NY – now that we’re settled in again and who knows – maybe more exciting things on the horizon. Just trying to make it through the daily announcements from the news and general life stuff at the moment.

Photo by Niki Pretti.


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