Everywhere I go, people are asking me to shout my now-famous catchphrase, “BRING OUT THE BOLD!” And I happily oblige! I’ve signed so many bottles at Duane Reade, it’s ridiculous, but that’s the price of fame, I guess.

I have to put up with some of this attention now that I’ve provided the voice for the new global ad campaign from J.Walter Thompson for Johnson & Johnson’s Listerine. This series of ads for radio, tv and the internet launched April 4, 2016 and should be building as the year goes on. It was an incredible opportunity to work on this project and I’m thankful to everyone involved in bringing me in. And now I get to be a part of SAG-AFTRA, which means I get a pin, and a card for inside my wallet, and daily emails about things that are happening in the entertainment business! Ask me about residual schedules!

Here’s one of the ads for your enjoyment.

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